Chris with one of his Sherpa guides in Ladakh

Chris with one of his Sherpa guides in Ladakh

Chris Horobin is a mountaineer, expeditioner and rock climber, a husband ( to Jane ), father of two boys ( Choire and Chris Jnr ) and lives in Frome in Somerset UK.

He is also the director of Wildcountry consultants an expedition company that aspires to be different from the majority of other commercial mountaineering companies out there.

In the UK Wildcountry consultants fire enthusiasm for the outdoors in young adults through the Duke of Edinburgh programme for whom we are an Approved Activity Provider. We also run Bushcraft courses to raise confidence in the young to cope with, understand and develop a respect for the outdoors, rock climbing courses for beginners and improvers, Scrambling courses for walkers wanting to make the transition to steeper ground and leave the queues behind, Winter skills courses for people who want to extend their walking to the colder months of the year and Navigation courses for those who want the confidence to make every day a hill day no matter what the weather.

Further afield we run a few expeditions each year for school groups and mountaineers that seek to get away from the “honeypot” destinations and have an adventure. Our ethos is simple;

For school groups to find a destination that meets with the budgetary constraints and have an underlying programme of individual development through the team experience.

For mountaineers to work with our network of in-country agents to come up with itineraries that will take the participants away from the crowds and queues and get to peaks where we will be on our own. We also ensure that the team members are appropriately suited to the challenge ahead and that there is, as far as possible, a level playing field in terms of abilities within the team.

My Blog is a record of everything that I/we do, whether it is done for commercial reasons or simply pleasure. It is there for the participants of each course/expedition to leave comments on and it will also I hope be used as a platform for those wishing to find out more about the areas, crags, mountains we visit.

For more info on wildcountry consultants visit our website www.wildcountryconsultants.co.uk

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